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Accountability & Transparency

Accountability & Transparency

MAkCAW is committed to meeting international standards of quality and accountability. We focus on ensuring that our partners and the communities we work with have a voice in planning, implementing and evaluating our work. MAkCAW’s Program Information and Impact Reporting System monitors the extent to which we are making progress to achieve our impact goals, and our organisational data is published in our annual Reports

 Being accountable to our stakeholders means ensuring that we share information in a transparent way or, where we are unable to satisfy an information request, providing an explanation. MAkCAW posts a substantial amount of information on the internet, including strategic plans, annual reports, advocacy policy reports, program reports, research reports, external evaluations, and media releases;

Reporting Abuse of Harassment, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse: We know people are sometimes reluctant to report sexual abuse or harassment. So we are focused and committed to creating a working environment at MAkCAW where people feel safe to come forward with sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse claims. We take reports extremely seriously and protect witnesses as well as victims. 

Reprisals (Retaliation) against people for reporting are a breach of our code of conduct. We provide a website reporting mechanism for staff and anyone outside the organization. Concerns about any form of misconduct can be reported anonymously. 

MAkCAW Policies: 

Like any other organization operation in we are bound by a number of NGO policies both national and International levels. Above these Policies MAkCAW has a list of policies and procedures that we adhere to and the following are examples

  1.  Child Protection policy
    1. Sexual exploitation and Abuse
    1. Fraud and Corruption
    1. Equality Policy