MAkCAW’s History A few years ago, four couples who had a common interest in charity work were exchanging ideas on how to help the marginalised people in the communities they grew up in. It didn’t take long before the ideas developed into action. It started with collecting second hand clothes from their respective families and […]

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Finances and Audits

The finance team is lead and managed a highly qualified team of experts with a combined experience of 40 years in the humanitarian field.  The team is well versed with a number of donor requirement

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Logistics and Operations

Our Operations team is led by Tutsirai E Gwindiri who has over 15 years’ experience in emergency and development food aid programming with JAM and World Vision International. He has worked in as number of countries in Africa such as South Sudan, Angola, Mozambique Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa. Have led the […]

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MAkCAW believes that solving the complex challenges of social injustice can best be achieved by working with others. By pooling resources and expertise, our collective action is greater and more impactful than what we can deliver on our own Advocacy allies allow us to give more prominence to the issues and voice of those affected by […]

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Our work would not be possible without the support of those who partner with us to fund our work – individuals, corporations, trusts, foundations, governments, institutions and community groups.


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MAkCAW staff pretesting psychosocial support illustrated flip-chart in Chimanimani district. The flip chart will be used for psychosocial support counselling activities. Click the link below to see the pictures. Life After Idai Pictures

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Psychosocial support to affected communities

Make Children and Women Count Counselor provides psychosocial support to #CycloneIdai victims. Rapid qualitative assessment conducted in Ngangu, Chimanimani indicate vulnerability of both men and women

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MAKCAW is a confederation of Members, Affiliate Members and Transitional Members regulated by a common Code.  It is governed by: The Council, the highest authority of MAkCAW The Supervisory Board, an independent body charged with strategic, operational, legal and financial oversight and advancing shared global priorities. The Supervisory Board members include: 

Accountability & Transparency