MAkCAW’s History

Dr Priscilla M-K, a passionate philanthropist, founded the Organisation, in liaison with co-founding members who had keen interest to help create a better world. It didn’t take long before the ideas developed into action. A few months down the line, the founding members would contribute whatever amount of money they could afford and buy such small things as sanitary pads for girls, baby clothes for expecting mothers and even foodstuffs for the old and disabled. Driven by ambition to see more marginalised people getting help on a larger scale MAkCAW, was born in February 2014. MAkCAW (PVO number 28/18) was formally registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation in terms of subsection (5) of section 9 of the Private Voluntary Organisations Act [Chapter 17:05]. in January 2019. Its thrust, philosophy, theology and ideology is philanthropy based. MAkCAW is motivated by humanitarianism with no discrimination against race, religion, and any other differences.

MAkCAW’s Principles

Independent of political, commercial, military, ethnic or religious objectives MAkCAW promotes the protection of women and children. We provide assistance on the basis of need, regardless of race, creed or nationality addressing the rights of vulnerable groups, particularly women and children.

MAkCAW follows a set of Programming Principles in our emergency, rehabilitation and long-term development work. MAkCAW’s principles are aligned with those of many other humanitarian agencies, and include:

    • Promote empowerment
    • Work in partnership with others ·
    • Ensure accountability and promote responsibility
    • Address discrimination
    • Promote the non-violent resolution of conflicts
    • Seek sustainable results